Saturday, May 13, 2006

Knittin' Booty!

I have a feeling we're going to have non-knitting visitors with a blog title like that one, however, it's all about knitting booty today.

First, one of our S&B gals, Meghan has begun her own little side business with stitchmarkers. Let me tell you, they're to die for beautiful markers, too! We're talking jewelry quality here. You can check out the stuff she has online at her Etsy store, however, she does have markers at The Yarn Shoppe for sale. (In fact, TYS is spotlighting products each month, one of them going up on the website will be Meghan's stitchmarkers.) I believe Meghan said she could do custom jobs for knitters, so drop her a line: calamknitty AT yahoo DOT com

Second, my friend Jo in Fairfield has opened up her Fiber Underground and the Fiber Underground Syndicate. Go here for more details and photos of her wares (click the appropriate names on the sidebar on her website). I'll be bringing some "try me" skeins to the Wednesday gathering for y'all to play with that evening. (Jo also designs knitwear, in case you're interested in finding new patterns to purchase.)

Third, each month at The Yarn Shoppe will be spotlighting new items, sale items and items of interest for knitters. Laurel will have some items up later next week on her website. For the month of May, as I mentioned above, one of the spotlights is Meghan's stitchmakers!

Fourth, June 10 is Knitting in Public Day (here's the website). We'll be planning on doing that with our members, so watch your emails for details! (Thanks to Claire for the heads up on this event!)

Finally, your continued thoughts and prayers for Liz are greatly appreciated. I'll be sending a note about her progress to your emails soon.

See y'all on Wednesday!

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Fiber Shop in Southeast Iowa

A friend of mine is carrying specialty yarns and fibers for knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers. You can check out the announcement and photos on my blog here and the rest of the photos are here, for the Fiber Underground Syndicate.

Most exciting is the soybean fiber and yarns she's carrying, 100% Iowa soybeans were used!

(She's not carrying anything you'll find at The Yarn Shoppe, so you can still stock up on your Manos, Stork, GGH, Cascade, etc. there!)