Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Is Around The Corner

Or around the belly, if you're either of these two ladies!

I better dig out those baby patterns soon! Oh, who am I kidding - the way I knit? I better get toddler patterns out.

* * * * *

I did a recent purge of our email files. If you haven't received an email from our Gmail account in the last two weeks, please drop me a line at:

quadcitysnb AT gmail DOT com

Saturday, March 06, 2010

SnB Gathering - February Projects

Winter is finally drawing to a close this week - only two weeks until the first day of spring! However, chilly nights do require the loving warmth of wool...

Carol's most excellent thrummed mittens - that she made for her sibling. That's love, I wouldn't have given them up:


Teresa (of the Red Hair) knitted up this luscious scarf:


Teresa (of the Brunette Hair) knitted up and felted this great hat:


Jeanne (of many things), had several wraps she had woven (always beautiful work) and a Mobius scarf: